YU Personal Happiness and Money Discussion


When you think about your personal happiness and how it relates to money, what is “your number”? In other words, what income do you think you need to make per year to be happy and why? Also, what form of material things would increase your happiness? A special car? House? I want you to put a number on your happiness.When answering the above questions, consider the following:
I am a college student in the United States. I earn $1280 a month,
since I work part-time, and have a good credit score. I have minimal
credit card and other loan debt, but I do have student loan debt. I am
entering a career where I could earn $65,000 per year right away, and
after a few years I could see my pay raise to the $85 – 90,000 range. I have an old car but would like a new. I am happy renting an apartment with a friend, but I would also eventually like to live in a safe neighbourhood in California where I can raise a family with children.

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