You have a female client aged 22 who you believe is self-harming….

Question Answered step-by-step You have a female client aged 22 who you believe is self-harming…. You have a female client aged 22 who you believe is self-harming. You have noticed that she has a number of cuts on her upper legs, some of which have been prevented from healing properly.What are three (3) actions you can take as a nurse to support this client? And which other staff would you engage with to provide appropriate care?Your Answer:Three (3) actions  to take as a nurse to support this client are;Gently and compassionately attend to the fresh wounds and provide pain treatment. Validate their distress and give a safe environment for them to discuss since her self-esteem will be low, and a loving, empathic attitude is required to avoid additional damage. Take the patient through psychotherapy sessions by questioning how long she has been dealing with the problem and correctly informing her on the consequences of self-injury. Take her through some alternate acts, such as allowing her to self-harm while under clinical supervision and accepting, supporting, and having confidence in them, rather than controlling or using force. This promotes creative problem solving and skill learning, as well as lowering the chance of ill will between patients and staff. The nurse should engage with a psychiatrist, counselor and psychologist to guide the patient. Similarly, the parents for the patient should be involved.Reference: Tabbner’s Nursing Care, 2020, 8th Ed., Australia, Elsevier, Ch.39  Feedback:Hi Pratima, point 1 is a strategy that is within the scope of your practice as an EN. Review information about how an EN can manage ‘challenging’ behaviours in chapter 39 of Tabbner’s Nursing Care Theory and Practice 2020 and Chapter 25 of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing by Evans.  Health Science Science Nursing HLT 54115 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)