Which use of Internet-based communication would NOT be appropriate…

Question Answered step-by-step Which use of Internet-based communication would NOT be appropriate… Which use of Internet-based communication would NOT be appropriate when e-mailing with families?Sending photos of children playing togetherDiscussing issues or concernsProviding websites for resourcesModerating a family support discussion forumAn example of a responsive environment for infants and toddlers would be:keeping children in their cribs.picking up children when they cry.keeping children with other children at all times.keeping toys in a large toy box.What is one difference between the IFSP and the IEP?The IFSP is family-centered and the IEP is teacher-centered.The IFSP is child-centered and the IEP is family-centered.The IFSP is family-centered and the IEP is child-centered.The IFSP is teacher-centered and the IEP is family-centered.When is a service coordinator designated during the IFSP?During the development of the service planAfter the teacher has had time to observe the childBefore an IFSP has been developedA service coordinator is not designated during the IFSP.A diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) can be made if a child demonstrates symptoms of facial malformations, central nervous system effects, and deficiency in:prenatal growth.postnatal growth.both prenatal and postnatal growth.speech and language skills.Which is NOT an example of setting up the environment for positive social interactions for exceptional students?Keeping groups smallAssigning seatsProviding appropriate supplies for the activity or interactionChoosing materials for the studentYou would see repetitive, poorly coordinated voluntary movements in:athetoid movement patterns.fluctuating muscle tones.bilateral-to-unilateral pattern.mass to-specific pattern.Which strategy is being used during “self- talk” or describing one’s own actions?Upping the anteProgressive matchingCommentingRepeating and recastingA child who demonstrates appropriate object use such as pushing a truck, pounding with a hammer, and combing her hair is engaging in:exploratory play.functional play.symbolic play.play activities.It is important to “follow up” after solving a conflict in a collaborative group because it allows the group to:evaluate the solution’s success.point blame if the solution was unsuccessful.reflect upon changes needing to be made to the solution.evaluate the solution’s success while reflecting on changes needing to be made to the solution.  Psychology Social Science Social Psychology EARLY CHIL EC420 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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