Which of the following statements regarding stroke is true? Group…

QuestionAnswered step-by-stepWhich of the following statements regarding stroke is true? Group…Which of the following statements regarding stroke is true?Group of answer choicesMost people will die from stroke less people are dying because people are acting quickly to get stroke patients to the hospital on time. Most people will have serious brain damage from stroke Stroke is relatively uncommon nowadays  Flag question: Question 27Question 271 pts What is the name given to the specialization of the function between the two hemispheres?Group of answer choiceshemispherization lateralization polarization somatization  Flag question: Question 28Question 281 pts Which of the following is the most common cause of a stroke?Group of answer choiceslack of glucose ischemia from an obstruction of an artery hemorrhage of an artery blow to the head  Flag question: Question 29Question 291 pts What processes are happening throughout life with regard to brain development?Group of answer choicesproliferation and migration migration and differentiation differentiation and proliferation myelination and synaptogenesis  Flag question: Question 30Question 301 pts Which of the following statements is true regarding pregnancy and the brain.Group of answer choicesit is good to get lots of protein the way that drugs affect the growing baby is something that we have a definite clear understanding of. it is dangerous to exercise during pregnancy all of the above.  Flag question: Question 31Question 311 pts Information from the retina of the right eye is received by which hemisphere?Group of answer choicesleft right both neither  Flag question: Question 32Question 321 pts In class we went over a study regarding language and income levels with regard to children. What was found?Group of answer choiceschildren from high income families heard more encouragements children from high incomes heard many more words by the age of three children from low incomes heard more negative feed back than positive feed back. all of the above none of the above  Flag question: Question 33Question 331 pts Which of the following is a condition in which brain neurons have repeated episodes of excessive, synchronized activity?Group of answer choicesdyslexia epilepsy William’s syndrome Broca’s aphasia  Flag question: Question 34Question 341 pts What is apoptosis?Group of answer choicesthe growth of an axon in response to NGF the leakage of transmitters from vesicles a program of “suicide” by a neuron dendritic branching in the sympathetic nervous system  Flag question: Question 35Question 351 pts Regarding the teenage brain, which of the following statements is correct?Group of answer choicesthe frontal lobe is not fully developed teenagers seemed to misinterpret facial patterns by the age of 14 the teenage brain has reached full maturity A and B only all of the above  Flag question: Question 36Question 361 pts Which of the following statements about TV and the developing brain are correctGroup of answer choicesThe American Pediatric Association recommends no TV before the age of 2 years old Television is better than attending preschool in some cases, because children are not distracted by others. researchers believe that watching TV may be associated with weakening of the eye muscles A and C only all of the above  Flag question: Question 37Question 371 pts Which of the following are aging brain myths?Group of answer choicesthe brain cannot grow more cells as we age older adults can’t learn as well as young people do? connections between neurons are relatively stable throughout life intelligence is a function of how fast neurons work. all of the above.  Flag question: Question 38Question 381 pts A stroke which is caused when an artery ruptures is known asGroup of answer choicesischemia hemorrhage closed head injury penumbra  Flag question: Question 39Question 391 pts What activity has been associated with releasing neurotropins?Group of answer choicessinging exercise eating sleeping none of the above  Flag question: Question 40Question 401 pts Which of the following statements is true regarding left handedness?Group of answer choicesleft handed people tend to suffer from more migraine headaches, allergies and learning disabilities A larger proportion of left handed people than what would be expected given the ratio in the population have accomplished greatthings in our society. Many of our recent presidents have been left handed. all of the above  Social SciencePsychologyShare Question

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