What made the organization of the incident/s below bureaucratic or…

Question Answered step-by-step What made the organization of the incident/s below bureaucratic or… What made the organization of the incident/s below bureaucratic or not bureaucratic enough, and in what way/s? Would this incident result in the iron cage?   A few years ago, I worked at a private pediatric doctors office. We were a pretty sizeable office,we saw many patients a day and there was always a large amount of staff on duty.  This place of buisness had many different departments, rules that had to be followed, and a hierachy. I believe these are the reaons why my old employer functioned as a buraucracy. There were several different departments that provided a variety of functions to keep the business running smoothly and effectively. Working in the healthcare field, there are many rules that need to be followed. Such as complying to HIPPA guidelines, waivers/consents being correctly signed, and even a dresscode that needs to be followed. There was most definitly a hierarchy implaced where the doctors were at the top followed by nurse practioners, RN’s, managers, phlebotomists, and lastly the administrative workers. During the time I was employed at the office I could feel the sense of power a few (not all) of doctors had when conversing with the administrative staff members sounding superior and condescending to collegues considered “below them.” Not only did I see this behavior with doctors, but I unfortunatly also saw it with managers. I do not agree with this type of behavior because I see it as working as a team and everyone having the same goal and contributing to the greater good by helpting patients in need.   the patients gave the doctors power over the nurse practioners by refusing to schedule appointments with an NP (our NP’s were awesome and did just as much if not more than some of the doctors) because they do not have the academic title of being a doctor. I believe all of these reasons are why my old employer functioned as a bureaucracy. One horror story I can think of involves an old coworker. She had a big family vacation scheduled andgave our employer six months notice that she has to take a little over a week off. This is more than enough time to inform management that times needs to be requested off. The time comes and this coworker takes her vacation and while she is away my manager fires her via text because she took vacation during the “busy time of the year.” I believe this is an example of the iron cage because this limited her human freedom. This employee worked hard and earned her vacation time, but it backfired and ended up costing her the job. In the end this work environment turned out to be extremely toxic and I am glad to say  I do not work there any longer.     Social Science Sociology SOCIOLOGY 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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