URGENT PLEASE! If you have answer this set of questions (questions…

Question Answered step-by-step URGENT PLEASE! If you have answer this set of questions (questions… URGENT PLEASE! If you have answer this set of questions (questions 11-20), please do not answer anymore.PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT: Choose the CORRECT Answer and Explain (short yet precise explanation only). Please make sure the answers are correct, please.¬†Question 11Assessments can measure the extent of living a quality of life among older people. In what assessment setting is this beneficial? *a. Clinical Settingb. Geriatric Settingc. Business Settingd. Educational SettingQuestion 12Tests are always paper-and-pencil in format *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 13Computers can be high efficient test scores and administrators *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 14Which of the following are sources of error variance in testing? *a. Test Constructionb. Test Administrationc. All of the above / All of thesed. Test Scoring and InterpretationQuestion 15Testing was first instituted as a means of selecting applicants for government jobs. *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 16Statistical tools are used to describe, make inferences from, and draw conclusions about scores *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 17Psychological tests were used in specific situations to deny a person from educational advancement, job opportunity, parole, or custody. *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 18A test is valid if it measures what it is supposed to measure. *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 19Testing and assessment are usually biased and unfair *a. Trueb. FalseQuestion 20Split-half reliability is useful when it is impractical or undesirable to assess reliability with two tests or administer a test twice. *a. Trueb. False Social Science Psychology PSYCHOLOGY PSY E15 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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