University of Sydney Unit 6 Capitalist Economy Exam Answers


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Accessing the Exam
• Be reminded that all of the activities related to the final exam must be
undertaken via your personal iLearn login.
• Commence the final exam either by starting Part 1 (multiple choice
questions) or opening the question file for Part 2 (written answer
questions). Once you commence the exam, you are assumed to be fit to
sit the exam.
• The final exam questions will be available from 2:00pm (AEDT) on
Monday, November 8, 2021. You have 2 hours and 40 minutes to
complete and submit your answers to both Parts 1 and 2.
• Do not share your final exam questions. There are multiple versions of
the final exam. Do not assume you have the same set of questions as
your peers. If you submit answers for a version of the final exam that was
not assigned to you, you will receive a mark of O for your final exam.
• You can choose to do Part 1 or Part 2 first depending on your
preferences. However, please be sure to allocate sufficient time to both
• Allocate your 2 hours and 40 minutes wisely. Below is the suggested
time allocation:
Final Exam Part 1
50 minutes
Final Exam Part 2: Reading
10 minutes
Final Exam Part 2: Answering
70 minutes
Final Exam Part 2: Document Preparation
and Submission
30 minutes
160 minutes (2 hours and 40
• Have a countdown timer ready so you can keep track of the time you
need to submit. There will be no reminders to submit.

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capitalist economy

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