University of California Asean Automotive Company Case Analysis


Part 1: 
Access the Case Study: “Cross Cultural Logistics and Supply Chain Management Towards Organizational Effectiveness within the Asean/Thai Automotive Industries: A Sem Analysis” from the Centennial Library
Read the case study above and answer the questions listed below in paragraph format. Make sure to explain your answers.
Format the document professionally. Use 1 inch margins, 12 pt font, footer with page numbers, cover page, references page. The document should be around 4-5 pages including the cover and references pages.
Do not copy and paste from your sources. Use your own words. Cite all sources with in-text citations and add a reference list to the end of your report using APA 7 format.
Submit your completed report (Word or PDF) to the eCentennial dropbox on or before the due date.
Use Turnitin to self-determine the originality of your work.
Late submissions: A 10%-mark deduction, per day, will be applied to all assignments submitted after the due date.
Make sure to review the assignment Rubric Part 1
Answer the following questions as they relate to the case study above.
According to the concepts discussed in class, explain why automotive companies foresee the difficulty of cultural diversity to manage and coordinate? (Apply at least two concepts from Week 3)  
Based on the case, what conclusions can we draw from the SEM analysis? 
What are the key factors of the Asean/Thai Automotive companies’ challenges?

supply chain management

organizational effectiveness

Cross Cultural Logistics

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