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Winter 2022
Write an eight to nine page essay with an article of your choice.
Your essay should provide:
• A summary of the content of the article
• A critical evaluation of the consequences and aspects of the environmental issue
• A summary and evaluation of the proposed policy solution (if a policy is proposed)
• Your suggestion as to a policy solution to this problem
I strongly recommend that
• you choose an article with a policy component.
• your article should be fairly current.
• you exercise some care with your prose.
• you choose a topic that you find interesting.
This project should be enjoyable!
1. Title Page – including title, author, name of course an date
2. Introduction – summary of the article, discussion of environmental problem
3. Evaluation of Policy
4. Policy Recommendations
5. Summary and Conclusions
6. List of References
• Essays are to be typed double-spaced.
• Essays that are not typed will not be accepted.
• Be sure to include a copy of your source article and note the source of that article.
Places to find articles include –
• The Edmonton Journal
• The Globe and Mail
• The Economist
• Maclean’s

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