UCSD Parties in The Employment Relationship in Australia Reflection Papers


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Please separately write for the given 6 weeks.
And please note that we need to cover,
I have label in the example given, so it might be better to understand,
The PPT for each week is attached here,
This task is for week 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Total of 6 weeks. Minimum is 1500+ words.
Please upload them separately.
Task Description:
• Each week you are INDIVIDUALLY required to write a critical reflection based on the
material presented and your learnings from the lecture and tutorial.
• Your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences should form the bulk of the reflection, relaying
how you understand the material presented, with a goal of personal growth and transformation.
• Critically exploring your own values, beliefs, and practices in a structured and explicit way,
facilitates life-long learning and allows you to develop.
• As reflective writing is a formal academic genre, it is important that you still use published
theory against which to reflect and analyse your experiences, with a coherent and cohesive
written structure.
• The portfolio will be made up of 10 reflective entries (approx. 250 words per entry). —- This
task is only for 6 weeks.
• This critical reflection will commence in week 2 and continue through to week 12.
Criteria & Marking:
Further information about this task, including practical exercises and marking criteria, will be
discussed in class and posted to our course BB site.

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Explanation & Answer:
1500 Words

wage determination

Employment Relationship in Australia

Awards and Arbitration

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