UCSB Economics Unemployment and Crime Essay


THOUGHTS ON WRITING PAPERSTwo papers are required for this course, each of 2,500 to 3,000 words in length, including 200-300 words of endnotes or footnotes and bibliography. Any academic format or style may be used, as long as it is consistent.The papers are research papers. The goal is to enable you really to explore an area, issue, or individual in economics of particular interest to you. You must have at least seven sources, of which only two may be to sources in the course reader. There is, however, no limit on the non-course sources you may use (although there must be at least five, and, generally, papers that reflect more research receive higher grades.I strongly recommend that you use materials–books–from the library, as well as online resources. I believe you learn much by identifying your subject, going to the library, and looking on the appropriate shelves for books that are relevant to your topic. Academic journal articles are also appropriate sources. Newspaper articles are discouraged.In general, the goal is for you to write on a subject that really interests you and that may benefit you. The instructor has received benefit across his career in diverse ways as a result of research papers he wrote as an undergraduate at UCSB. The hope is that these papers will do the same for you.You are to write on an individual or subject from the time-period covered in the half of the quarter under consideration for the paper. If you have a question as to whether a subject for a paper is appropriate, please contact the instructor.Generally, papers improve from more research and more writing. The more time you spend writing a paper, the better it will be. Also, papers on which you start sooner are more likely to be better than papers written in the last few days before they are due.Papers should have an introduction and thesis statement (for example, “In this paper I will explore the issues of _______ [identify issues or individuals]. I will find that _______ [provide an overview of your research].” Then, you should present your research findings in the main body of your paper. In the conclusion, you should summarize the research you have presented.A good approach is to present competing points of view from the scholarly literature, where this is appropriate. For example, historical issues or individuals are often subject to more than one interpretation, and a good strategy is to present the contrasting views of scholars on issues or individuals–however, this is not required.Quotes should not be excessive. They should illustrate a point rather than make the point. The paper should be primarily your own words and thoughts.In general, your personal evaluation of an issue or individual should occur at the end of the paper and not be excessive. The goal of the paper is not to present your opinions but to present scholarly research in an integrated, holistic form.

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Unemployment and crime

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