UCLA Congestion Pricing in A City Economics Case Study


Your task is to produce a brief case study — approximately 750 words or three double-spaced pages — on the impacts of congestion pricing in a city of your choosing. Your case study should be submitted as a Word document.Your case study should be structured into three separate sections: an introduction, pros & cons, and a conclusion that provides a policy recommendation.In the first section, introduce your city, describe its geography, road network, and the extent of traffic congestion prior to congestion pricing being implemented. You will find a lot of information and data on the extent of traffic congestion across cities on the Canvas page title Resources and links. In particular, see the two links under the heading “Studies measuring extent of traffic congestion across different cities”. Also, clearly describe the way congestion pricing is administered — are there managed lanes, a network of toll roads, or perhaps a cordon toll? Does the toll change by time of day or is it fixed? Is pricing just on freeways or also city streets? Try to provide a good overview without getting into a bunch of minute details.For the second section, list the major pros and cons of congestion pricing. For example, try to answer the following questions if possible. Has pricing increased traffic speeds? Was there a major public backlash? What were the toll revenues used for? Did congestion pricing place an unfair burden on low income drivers? Did the local economy benefit or suffer? Did drivers avoiding the toll make surface streets more congested? Clearly you wont be able to find answers to all of these questions for this report, so don’t spend too much time hunting down information for all of these questions. Hint: since you will probably not be the first person to conduct a case study on congestion pricing for your city, you may want to do a google search for case studies that have already been published.For the final section, you must make a recommendation to local transportation policy makers. Based on your findings, what changes, if any, should the city make to the pricing scheme in place. Maybe the toll is too high or too low. Maybe tolls place a too large burden on low income families. Maybe more toll lanes or roads need to be built. Just make a coherent argument based on what you reported in the second section.Please list the sources of information you use at the end of your report. It should just be a list sources and the corresponding website urls. Two or three sources should be plenty.

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