UCI Economics Business Cycles Questions


Topic of assignment is business cycles, please relate writing and paper construction to business cycle.

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Watch the following short video interview with former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke.
https://youtu.be/QcnlgaRdN84 (Links to an external site.)
You can read the following blog post (Financial panic and credit disruptions in the
2007-09 crisis (brookings.edu) by Ben Bernanke to help you answer the following
questions in your submission for this assignment.
a) What was the size of the contraction in the real economy during this crisis
(2008-2009)? What was the percent change in real GDP from Dec. 2007 peak to June
2009 trough? What was the percent change in the coincident index from Dec. 2007 to
June 2009?
b) What are the two primary channels that depressed economic activity during the
2008-2009 Great recession and financial crisis?
c) Which one does Ben Bernanke think was the most important channel?
d) What are the four stages of the crisis (refer to the blog post for this)?
750 words

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Explanation & Answer:
750 Words


Fed Chair Ben Bernanke

20082009 Great recession and financial crisis

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