UCD Energy Price and Other Discussions


There are a total of three economic discussions. The first example of one is: Go to the CNBC website , (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)click on ‘Market’ tab at the top. Select Commodities in this menu. You will find the current prices of energy, metal, agriculture, and livestock commodities.Pick one of the commodities listed (You can also choose a currency from the Currencies list). Find the price change in that commodity in the recent period and read the latest news about that commodity. (For example, in the commodities page select Gold in metal futures. It will bring you to the page that shows the recent price change and the headlines. Cite your references if you use other news sources)Give us the current date and the price of the commodity. Pick a recent period (last week, last month, last 6 months, etc.). How did the price of that commodity change during this period? Explain how the non-price determinants of supply and demand for that commodity affected that price change. Indicate the shifts in supply and/or demand in that commodity market and explain the change in price in the new equilibrium.Respond to a classmate’s post.Here is an example (Links to an external site.) I recorded a couple of years ago for the oil market. I’m including this example just to show you what I’m expecting from this assignment. Of course, if you choose the oil market please use the most current information.


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