TLMT 601 Ashford University Week 8 Transportation Economics Class Discussion


PART 1Part One of Two:Please write an entry of what you have learned in this class, how will you apply this class to your daily life and degree, and how would you improve this class. The course name is TLMT 601 Transportation Economics Part Two of Two:Watch the video in this module, take one prediction of 2010 and prove whether it is came true or not. Top 10 Economic Predictions for 2010300 words PART 2This week we have been learning about the economic impact of different transportation modes. A looming question is passengers or freight. We have seen many of the modes share freight and passengers without difficulties and yet others that separate the two. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of both philosophies. 300 words

Explanation & Answer:
300 Words

Transportation Economics

Transportation Costs

transportation modes

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