The sustainability initiative to install a 150-megalitre rainwater…

Question Answered step-by-step The sustainability initiative to install a 150-megalitre rainwater… The sustainability initiative to install a 150-megalitre rainwater tank needs to be reviewed because of cost, logistics and outcomes. The following points need to be considered in the review:There is a scale problem in the original policy initiatives as 1mega litre equals 1,000,000 litresABC has 150 retail outlets and it is a better outcome to have rainwater collection facilities at each location rather than 1 large tank at the head officeThe rainwater is intended for use in flushing toilets. Data indicates that the average employee will use 30 litres of water per day in flushing toilets. The typical ABC location has approximately 30 employeesThe cost of installing a rainwater tank is estimated to be $1,000 per 5,000 litresThe amount of available space at each location to install a rainwater tank is 10 metres x 10 metres The average rainfall at each location is 700 millimetres per yearThe average roof collection area for rainwater at each location is 2000 square metresMains water is supplied to ABC facilities at an average cost of $2 per 1,000 litresReplacement of old toilets with new water-efficient models can reduce water consumption by approximately 50 per centInstallation of new water-efficient toilets can be achieved for approximately $15,000 at each ABC location How can this strategy be updated and why? Justify the changed approach using calculations and other water conservation methods. Business Management Project Management BUSINESS BSBSUS501 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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