The platform of twitter appeals to me because of how…

Question Answered step-by-step The platform of twitter appeals to me because of how… The platform of twitter appeals to me because of how under-appreciated it is. Personally, I have never been a big Twitter person. As someone who uses social media every day, my main apps do not consist of Twitter. Although, it does bring a ton of positive benefits. With social media being a huge way for communication and other benefits in today’s world. The Twitter app allows people to comment on others posts as well as post pictures and videos to one’s profile. It can allow a person to research specific people, places, information, and much more. Allowing people to have so much access in just one app seems to have endless possibilities. As someone who has never used twitter, as a new user discovering the app and all its benefits, it can do pretty much everything instagram and facebook can do. After being told to use twitter so many times throughout the years, I finally decided to give it a try. The only significant difference I personally noticed about Twitter was the character limit. In the reading, Levinson states that Twitter has a character limit of 140. The meaning of this was so people would create their statements fast so they would get the word out quickly. When it comes to spreading the word for important news or anything major, twitter is a great source to get in the loop of what is going on around you. With this chapter focusing on twitter it was great to finally get to experience the app brand new and check out everything it could do. With privacy notifications allowing users to go public with their accounts or not, it helps people protect their tweets or allow them to go completely worldwide. All in all, it is an app that could become even more successful. While instagram and snapchat cannot do much more to change or improve their apps, twitter has some limitations on the app that could eventually be lifted in the future. WIth twitter being a positive rated app and the users continuing to grow the app should expand tremendously in the coming years with the developments of technology.  Do you think twitter will improve tremendously in the future? Social Science Sociology ESOC 150 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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