The Healthcare Systems Pandemic Responses and Outcomes Research Paper


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Your goal is to learn about and analyze the health care systems and pandemic
responses & outcomes of 3 different countries: the United States, one country we are
analyzing in class (UK, Sweden, Taiwan, New Zealand), and one other
industrialized country of your choice besides the ones we are analyzing.
For each country, please address the topics outlined below. The final product needs to
be a written paper with graphics.
Content to Include
Country Basics and Demographics
What are some basic demographics?
Age distribution
Race distribution
Educational attainment distribution
Other relevant factors?
Pandemic-Related Statistics
Please present the following statistics for each country for at least three points in time
since March 2020. One of those points in time should be close to March 2020, and one
should be as recent as possible. A graph may be relevant to include if you find a suitable
one, but please still include a brief description of it.
1. Number of covid cases per capita, overall and by race if available
2. Number of covid deaths per capita (crude death rate), overall and by race if
3. Number of covid deaths per confirmed cases (case fatality rate), overall and
by race if available
4. Life expectancy, overall and by race if available
5. Unemployment Rate, overall and by race if available
6. Household income, overall and by race if available
Healthcare System
What kind of healthcare system is in place? This section should describe the relevant
features of the health care system that is in place for each country.
1. Is there universal coverage? If not, what percentage are uninsured?
2. Is the health care system single payer? Are there insurance companies (nonprofit or for-profit)? Insurance mandates? Do all ages have the same type of
3. How is health care financed? Does it involve taxes, subsidies, copays,
deductibles, or other methods?
4. Are healthcare prices and/or healthcare providers’ salaries regulated?
5. Other relevant factors?
Pandemic Policies
What type of pandemic policies were put in place by each country, and was compliance
1. What did the country’s policies include and focus on? This might include
testing, contact tracing, lockdowns, masking, vaccination, and/or other.
2. Were any behavioral economics techniques used? If so, which ones and for
what purpose?
3. To what extent did the country’s policies mitigate negative externalities? Did
the collective well-being of the citizens seem a priority, or individual choice?
4. Can you find any surveys of the population asking their opinion about their
country’s policies, or any data on compliance? If so, what are the results?
Synthesis and Analysis
This section allows for some inference to be drawn by you, but I expect some of what
you write will also be supported by sources.
1. Do you see a correlation between pandemic policies and pandemic
outcomes? Explain.
2. Do you see a relationship between the type of healthcare system and
pandemic outcomes? Explain.
3. Is there any evidence that the country’s pandemic policies impacted racial or
economic inequalities? Explain.
4. How does culture and values affect healthcare systems, pandemic policies,
and outcomes? How does the role of the individual versus the community
come into play? Explain.
5. What do you see as the main advantages and drawback of the healthcare
systems you are studying? Explain.
6. If you had to design a healthcare system for a country, what elements would
you make sure were included? Explain.
I would expect you would have at least 5 sources, though probably more. Websites can
be used, but please provide more information than just the weblink (such as name of
website, title of article, author if given, other if given). Please also use Google Scholar,, and other databases on the library website as needed to support your answers,
especially in the analysis section. I do not require a specific format for references. Just be

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