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This week we covered sampling, the act of surveying a small group of people to infer something about the larger population. For this discussion board, visit the Gallup Poll and pick one survey you found interesting then answer the following questions. You can filter by category or use the search function at the top right hand corner on the website to find a unique topic.Title: Add a link to the survey using the link button above.Date published: dateSummary: Summarize the main results of the survey.Relevance: Why do you think the Gallup poll conducted this survey? How can it help businesses and society make decisions? Did any of the result surprise you?I choose this surveyU.S. Students’ Computer Science Participation Lags InterestHere is an example how discussion has to look likeTitle: Consumers Aren’t Adopting Digital WalletsDate published: July 6, 2015Summary: The three largest digital wallet providers, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal are struggling to get consumers to use their products. The survey found those who are fully engaged in using digital wallets, 30% use it for every transaction several times a month. Others who have digital wallets use them less frequently. Firms have an easier time reeling in customers who use their products, e.g 96% of those with an Apple product will use Apple Pay, and they will likely keep those users since consumers are unlikely to switch to another provider. Their problem is how to get people to use digital wallets more frequently.Relevance: This survey is somewhat old but I am not surprised by the results. With technology consuming almost everything we do, it’s crucial to understand what is eventually going to displace currency and throw us into a cashless society. I think these digital wallets have struggled to retain or bring in new users due to safety concerns and lack of advertising. There is not much in terms of educating potential or existing consumers on how to use digital wallets, safety features, or benefits, etc. Well, five years since publication and the pandemic, digital wallets have increased in popularity. There are new competitors, Venmo and Cashapp. Consumers are encouraged to use digital wallets to prevent the spread of germs on surfaces. People post their QR code on social media. It seems like the end of currency is near. But again, will digital wallets be able to turn indifferent users into fully engaged users?

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