SU Impact of Universities on The Local Economy Discussion


what is the impact of univirsities on the local economy?
for this assignment, you have to search for a paper that investigates the impact of Universities on the local or regional economy. The paper could be a research report put out by a think tank/university, published academic journal article (preferred) or a working paper. Each student is expected to find a unique paper, review that paper for discussion in class on Monday, October 11. Some specific questions you should be able to answer about the paper:
–    What is the paper trying to study?
–    How does it study it? (General overview of the study method would suffice. You are not expected to explain a theoretical or empirical model.)
–    What does it find (results)?
–    Takeaway from the paper

Explanation & Answer:
2 pages

Universities on The Local Economy

Impacts of Spanish

quantify those longterm benefits

develop a new

case of Spanish university system

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