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Answer the following question: ?Suppose that you choose to sell your stocks, bonds, or a combination of both. What is your choice, and what is your financial reasoning behind this choice? (400 words).Please do not copy from the internet (400 words).Here is an answer you may incorporate some parts of it. “I would choose to sell a combination of both because technology stocks are good stocks that are likely to grow considering it is a very popular and growing industry. It would be prudent to retain half in case the technology business expands, allowing us to sell them at a higher profit in the future, or to keep them if the market is strong. Savings bonds are highly crucial to preserve until they reach maturity since the amount of money you make will be determined by how many you keep (CARLSON, 2020). If I didn’t do both, I would simply sell the large stocks because I believe that obtaining a guaranteed amount with the bonds rather than risking it with the stocks and hoping that they increase a substantial amount is the better move. In the end, based on the data, I’d sell a combination of both to fund my education”

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