Socio Economic Population of China Paper


Find an urban socio-economic issue you care about (get creative with it, any country, state, county, region, etc.)
Declare your topic in discussion forum. You are expected to present an abstract of your essay (including the topic of research, where are you getting your data from, what you plan to do in your research, properties of you dataset such as: timespan, what country or state the data is from) in the discussion forum. Your topic should be unique and different from all your classmates. THIS IS THE TOPIC I’VE CHOSEN:
I’ll be researching the socio-economic issue of overpopulation and how it effects the economy while effecting peoples everyday life. Many countries are overpopulated but I’ll be focusing on China. Population control and results of that.

China’s Population Destiny: The Looming Crisis
Collect data and formulate an essay on the state of the issue.
1st draft feedback – ½ points guaranteed with reasonable work
Incorporate feedback and improve work.
Please post your data (excel files and codes, if applicable) for final submission.
Optional Recommended Format:
While the following format is recommended for your essay, it is optional. If you find another format that better fits your topic and essay, you are not required to follow this structure.
Introduction & Motivation: Discuss your socioeconomic issue and why is it significant
Background and literature: Discuss existing work on the issue
Data, Analysis, and Findings: Your analysis on the issue
Conclusion and discussion: Discuss what we can take from the combination of existing work and your analysis, why it is important, and possible future work
Grading Criteria:
How comprehensive your assessment is – writing, etc. – 25%
Use of existing literature and evidence (without copying) – 25%
Data skills – 50%

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