SEU Economics Saudi Arabias International Trade Critical Essay


In a critical essay, discuss at least two trade theories that can explain Saudi Arabia’s international trade. Analyze their main insights and challenges. Are they good predictors of trade patterns? What implications does the Saudi Vision 2030 have on international trade?Directions:

Required:Chapter 3 in International EconomicsAlkhathlan, K., Alkhateeb, T., Mahmood, H., & Bindabel, W. (2020). Concentration of oil sector or diversification in Saudi economy: consequences on growth sustainability.  Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, 7(4), 3369-3384. Retrieved from  Devarajan, S. (2020). Has globalization gone too far- or not far enough? Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 21, 114-119. Retrieved from  Recommended:Chapter 3 PowerPoint slides  – International EconomicsHaque, M. (2020). Assessing the progress of exports diversification in Saudi Arabia: growth-share matrix approach. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 18(3), 118-128.

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