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Academic Year 2021 -2022 (Term 3)
Economics Project G12
Project Title: The Taxes System & the British Rule
Academic Year 2021 -2022 (Term 3)
Economics Project G12
Discussion and Debrief
*When people select governments through voting, what services do they expect out of these
*When people pay taxes to their governments, what returns do they wish for?
What is the rationale of paying part of you money for a government?
*Students will identify the meaning and purpose of a tax system.
* Students will evaluate the role of taxes in improving communities.
A Glimpse on the Topic:
These days, most individuals and domestic companies pay most of their income tax to the governments
that provide the services they use. This does not hold for companies operating in more than one
country. Colonial tax systems have shaped state–economy relationships in the formative stages of many
present-day nation-states. There were multiple variations in colonial tax systems across thirty-four
dominions, colonies, and protectorates during the heyday of British imperialism (1870–1940). Besides,
there were different colonial tax levels. Many studies have assessed the function and impact of colonial
fiscal regimes: are there clear differences between ‘settler’ and ‘non-settler’ colonies? There is little
evidence for the view that ‘excessive taxation’ has been a crucial characteristic of ‘extractive
institutions’ in non – settler colonies because local conditions (geographic or institutional) often
prevented the establishment of revenue-maximizing tax machineries. This nuances the ‘extractive
institutions’ hypothesis and calls for a decomposition of the term ‘extractive institutions’ as such.
Key Standards
Introduce a topic clearly, previewing what is to follow; organize ideas, concepts, and information into
broader categories; include formatting ( headings), graphics (charts, tables) and multimedia when useful
to aiding comprehension
Project Option
Researching the theme of tax systems in the British rule, you can work as a group and you have to
CHOOSE ONLY 1 TOPIC. Options are provided below:
Academic Year 2021 -2022 (Term 3)
Economics Project G12
1. Write a Paper
Write down a paper researching the different systems of taxes during the era of colonialism. Elaborate
on the impact of taxes on people. Compare this to the tax system in the UAE. Write at least 300 words.
2. Make a picture/word Collage on how to use taxes properly.
Give Examples of any modern system of taxes pertaining to the UAE (VAT).
3. Make an instructional video on
* How to properly use taxes (Give examples from the UAE).
*The origins of the tax system in the world and in the UAE.
4. Make a pamphlet or brochure
Make a pamphlet or a 3 fold brochure on different methods of using taxes by governments to help
improve the lifestyle and services of the country. Use examples from the UAE.
Project Rubric

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