Scenario:A middle aged adult is having a total knee replacement….

Question Answered step-by-step Scenario:A middle aged adult is having a total knee replacement…. Scenario: A middle aged adult is having a total knee replacement. She explains she has religious beliefs that prevent her from receiving a blood transfusion Part 1 – Written Assignment1.     Read Lewis, (4th ed) Ch 4 Patient and Caregiver Teaching, p. 48-59 2.     Read Potter and Perry (6th ed), Ch 17 Communication and Relational Practice, p. 275-6 (Forms of Communication).  3.     Using the scenario provided to you, creatively develop a case study. Write a paragraph that provides the details surrounding the situation. Make your situation realistic and unique. The patient and family member are also part of your case study – be sure they are included. You may need to learn more about the procedure or surgery to best respond to questions.  4.     In paragraphs, answer the following questions :a.     Explain what a teaching plan is and how it benefits the teacher and learner. b.     Review the Forms of Communication (Potter and Perry, 275-6). Select two factors from both Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. Indicate how you will incorporate these into your teaching presentation, including why it is relevant. c.     The teaching and learning process is dynamic. Provide some discussion on this statement including the relevance to your scenario.  d.     Identify and describe the required competencies for the nurse as a teacher as it relates to your scenario.e.     What observations will inform the nurse in your scenario that the teaching session was effective? Consider verbal and non-verbal behaviours. f.      Complete the Teaching Plan Template. Remember that there may be some objectives that you will not have time to address but include them in the template. See the sample in Lewis Table 4-7 Health Teaching Presentation: Teaching Plan Template  Purpose: (what education are you planning to share, and for what reason) Goal: (what should the patient know by the end of the session) ObjectivesContent Outline(Points you will cover)Instruction Methods(How will you share this information) Time RequiredResources(What you will use in your session)Assessment of Learning                                Health Science Science Nursing PNH 401 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)