Scenario 1 You are the Healthcare Manager for NewLife…

Question Answered step-by-step Scenario 1 You are the Healthcare Manager for NewLife… Scenario 1You are the Healthcare Manager for NewLife Physiotherapy, a small chain of allied healthcareclinics in London Ontario that offers Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapyservices. Your organization currently has 2 successful locations, one in the South End and onein the West End of the City. Your senior leadership has decided to open a large centralizedlocation in downtown London which will form the new hub of your business in London. Yourorganization is geared towards people who lead active lifestyles and your practitioners have aclient base that is a mix of older patients who are looking to remain active as well as youngerathletes that are amatuer or semi pro. Your patients are not concentrated in any one area of thecity and tend to travel to your existing locations because of the strengths of your brand and yourteam rather than out of geographical proximity. Your clinical team is a mix of experiencedpractitioners who have established practices and new practitioners that are interested andwilling to work to grow their client base. Your website was updated approximately 2 years agoand has a modern look and feel, but your social media presence is lacking because yourestablished practitioners have no need to use the platform or do not understand its value. Yournew practitioners have expressed a willingness to help you with attending marketing events andgenerating social media content but you have not yet been able to organize this because youradministrative duties have occupied the majority of your time.Please AnswerIf there is a market? MARKET DEMAND?Describe the demand for your product or service, including the size of the market you’re entering into. Include any statistics you’ve discovered, such as where the greatest concentrations of your ideal customer live.*WHY WILL PEOPLE OR BUSINESSES BUY FROM YOU??            What will you be doing/offering that no-one else is??            What will you be doing better than anyone else is??            What sets you apart?SWOT ANALYSISCan you compete? Key competitors Outline your key competitors. Outline how you intend to differentiate from them.Describe the methods you plan to use to convince people to switch to you.Outline your top 3 customer targets.Outline your Marketing Plans for each target marketOutline your advertising tactics. Provide details on each of its components – what combination of methods will you use, and why?Describe how you’re planning to use your website to boost awareness. How else are you going to encourage customers to contact you, for example content marketing, free downloads, e-newsletter?How do you intend to use social media in your business? Describe what steps you plan to take to boost your credibility. What methods have you used?How will you encourage referrals?Outline anything else in your marketing plan that you think is important to include.   Business Management Project Management MARKETING 170 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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