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Question Answered step-by-step Review this reading… Review this reading again:                    Question As mentioned in this article, key task-focused and key process-focused team skills were introduced.   Choose one skill that is most easy for you to apply in a team and choose one skill that is most difficult for you to apply in a teamwork. This should be about three hundred and fifty words with two paragraphs. Example:When working on a team or as a team, I always do both key task- focused and key process – focused skills. In my experience, key task- focused skills always come first. I need to know what it is, when it’s supposed to be done and all the information so I can have a plan on what I’ll be doing. I’m more a key task-focused person because I like finish work on time. Although key process-focused skills involved communication and feedback. I don’t really find any of them difficult to do. At first, key process-focused skills used to be difficult for me when I used to do group presentation when I first started college. My shyness wasn’t corporate into this skill. I couldn’t communicate nor give feedback in front of people because I had this fear of speaking. For example, I was involved in a group work of four students in school. We communicated, we picked a subject, and we were like by this time we should be done to do the presentation. We were okay and everything. Furthermore, two students on our team dropped out and each one of us was supposed to do a topic of the chosen subject. It was like the other students, and I were the one left and we had to do all the work which I was not happy about. On the day of the presentation, we started to present but that was the moment I couldn’t give any feedback. I was sweating and I ran away. At the end, my professor talked to me and she gave me words of empathy and she understood my fear. However, when it was only me and the other people in the team, I was able to speak and communicate. Now it’s different because I’m not afraid to communicate and give feedback in front of people anymore. From my time in college, I worked a lot on the key process-focused skill because my major includes communication and feedback. I can’t let my shyness and fear take over me anymore. Second Example:One skill that I have found to be most easy to apply in a team is building a rapport with my team members. I engage with my coworkers when I am at my field site, and work to build a friendly relationship with them. This can be as simple as talking about our interests. This way, my coworkers feel that I am approachable and ready to work with them. While working at my internship, I’ve been able to lead conversations and help create an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable to work with each other. I think one skill that is most difficult for me to apply in a team is conflict resolution. While my coworkers and I are friendly with each other, I am aware that I struggle to deal with conflict- especially within a group. It can be hard for me to try to mediate between others. If a conflict isn’t resolved, the group tends to fall apart. I’d like to realize that conflict is inevitable in a group and that as a member, it is my responsibility to help resolve it. Social Science Sociology HUM 401 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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