Response ADDS DEPTH to the discussion Example: Response is…

Question Answered step-by-step Response ADDS DEPTH to the discussion Example: Response is… ┬áResponse ADDS DEPTH to the discussionExample: Response is substantially more than just “I agree with this!” or “Nice job looking at this topic!” or “That’s a good example, nice work.”Response includes one (or more!) of the following:a statement for the initial author to consider that presents an alternate viewpoint or positiona question for the initial author to consider that seeks to deepen the understanding of the discussiona story or example from the respondent’s own personal or professional experience that adds to or supports the initial authors thread~~Authors post to respond to~~ After watching the video I would say that I most agree with the Autumn Edows case. The parents found out about the page that their daughter was not telling them about, and they didn’t like what they saw. I understand that the photos were inappropriate for a 14 year old and as a parent I would definitely be upset by them too. They made her shut the page down, this is the only part of this that I do not agree with. I understand not liking certain pictures that were on there and feeling scared of who could all see those pictures of your daughter. At the same time this page is where she felt like she belonged and she felt like she fit in, growing up in a small town in which everyone played sports and if you didn’t there wasn’t much to you I can completely understand not fitting in and going to the internet to look for validation and appreciation and a sense of community. So I can also understand how she probably felt when that was all ripped away from her and she was thrust back into feeling like she didn’t belong again. However after having conversations with their daughter and looking into the internet a bit more they let her have her page back and let her get back to posting. The daughter said they don’t always like what she is doing, but they alway support her and that is the main thing. I feel like if maybe Evan Skinner one of the other moms in this video would’ve taken, even a little bit of this I don’t like it, but you’re my kid and I support you stance she wouldn’t have had as much separation and hiding from her children. As much as Evan Skinner thinks she is protecting them by keeping such a close eye on them I honestly think that she is just giving them more creative and effective ways of hiding things from her and being unsafe. If I was a parent I feel like I would very much take up the ways of Autumn Edows’ parents vs Evan Skinners parenting style, but again it is very easy to say all this from the outside looking in on just an hour long video.How would you react if you were Autumn Edows’ parents? Would you have her delete the page and then let her have it back? Not let her have the page back at all? Never had her delete it in the first place? Or would you handle it in a completely different way? Why? Social Science Psychology PSYCH 809 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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