Q1. What is the largest number that can be stored in 6 bits? How…

Question Answered step-by-step Q1. What is the largest number that can be stored in 6 bits? How… Q1. What is the largest number that can be stored in 6 bits? How many different numbers can bestored in 6 bits?Q2. If an entire alphabet consists of 33 different characters, how many bits are required to representthat alphabet?Q3. What is a bit and byte? How many bytes in a kilobyte?Q4. What is RAM? What is the purpose of RAM?Q5. Convert the binary number 101011 to decimal number. Show your work.Q6. Convert ADD and CAP to decimal number. Show your work.Q7. Convert octal number 71 to decimal number. Show your work.Q8. What is the base of Hexadecimal number system?Q9. What is the place value of first and fifth and eighth digit in binary number 11110110? Countingfrom the right, 0 is the first digit in the number.Q10. What is modulus operator (%)? What does it do?Q11. What is equal operator (==) and what does it do?Q12. Here are a few programming statements (red highlighted):Declare Integer age = 20age = age +10Explain this statement as to how age can be equal to “age + something”. Mathematically it is notpossible.Q13. Explain what is a variable in programming languages?Q14. What is the difference between main memory (RAM) and secondary memory? Give someexamples of secondary memory.Q15. What is CPU and what is the function of CPU? What are the components of CPU?Q16. What is the life cycle of an instruction: machine cycle?Q17. What is ALU and what does it do?Q18. You wrote a program in JAVA language. Can it be executed by the CPU? If not, what must bedone?Q19. Some declarations and assignments are not appropriate with declaration type. Debug thefollowing lines of code:Declare int mySum = 11.6;Declare byte num = 260;Declare Real sum = 5.0;Declare bool powerup = 34;Declare Real temp = 120;Declare char var = hQ20. Declare the following variables as indicated and assign an appropriate value:? myNum as integer type? myPrice as real type.? myByte as byte type? myBool as Boolean type Computer Science Engineering & Technology Software engineering ITP 100 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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