POS 2041 FSCJ Political Leaders and Public Opinion Discussion


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Spring-2222-POS2041 American Federal Government-5447
Ch. 6 Discussion
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Mar 24, 2022 at 11:59 PM
Submission Types
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Submission & Rubric
When should political leaders not follow public opinion,
and why?
Your initial response to the discussion prompt should be
at least two full paragraphs in length, include at least one
reference, and must be made by Thursday of the week it
is due (see course calendar). By Sunday of that week,
make substantive replies to at least two classmates.
For your initial discussion posts, references must be
listed at the bottom of your post in order for you to
receive credit for using a reference. Referring to a source
within the post doesn’t count. List your references like
you would if you were writing an essay.

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Explanation & Answer:
2 Paragraphs

public opinion

political leaders

American federal government

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