Personality disorder Options: Avoidant Personality Disorder…

Question Answered step-by-step Personality disorder Options: Avoidant Personality Disorder…  Personality disorder Options:Avoidant Personality Disorder            Histrionic Personality DisorderSchizoid Personality DisorderObsessive-Compulsive Personality DisorderParanoid Personality DisorderBorderline Personality DisorderDependent Personality DisorderSchizotypal Personality DisorderNarcissistic Personality Disorder        Avoidant Personality Disorder Read the following short statements.  Select the personality disorder that BEST fits with each statement. There may be minor aspects that don’t fit perfectly, but you’re looking for the overall “vibe” or “feeling” that is captured by one of the 10 personality disorders.  None of these were designed to be tricky.  Going to see my therapist today. Omg he’s the best (!!!) therapist. Pretty sure he has a thing for me! Like, last session I noticed his top button was undone AND his tie was loosened. Coincidence?  I think not. I can tell these things. Even though he’s married, I can tell.Doc, I need you to start your session on time and end on time. I know the people before me are having a hard time too, but my billing rate at the law firm is $650 an hour. I’m a partner. Im not like most of your patients. My problems are high-stress. Not like “oh boo hoo, I’m going to cut my wrist.” Just starting 15 minutes late costs me more than your entire hourly rate… no offense. Just saying.I can’t leave her. I know the affair has been over a year, and this is her third one. I would never be able to make a go of it without her. I don’t even know our bank account password. She said it’s over between them. I believe her. I just need stability. I’d don’t know what I’d do if I lost you as my doc… you and her… y’all make me whole.I wish not to have close acquaintances and interpersonal confidants merely due to the fact that other humans fail to realize how perceptual I am insofar as I can sense spiritual vibes exuding from the skin of those I am around. People say I should keep my thoughts to myself, but I refuse to acquiesce their insinuations. They offered me a promotion to Director of Operations. But right now I run a small staff in the mailroom, down in the basement. I’m happy down there. The money would be nice, but I’m not a people person, and I don’t think I could live up to all the responsibility. I’d basically be the “dumb” executive that no one liked.  I wouldn’t fit it at all. I don’t know. Maybe I have social anxiety or something.I love my job so much; it’s the best job EVER. [Oh, what happened to the other place, I thought you loved it?]  Oh lord no… I hated that place. I never had a single positive experience there. Good riddens to them!I know my husband is cheating on me, and I’d confide in my friend, but I can’t trust her to keep it secret… she might even be the one he’s sleeping with.Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t really want any friends. People say they think I’m “on the spectrum” (autism), but in reality, I’m just totally fine with things the way things are.I don’t care what anyone thinks. Screw them.Vacation was a wreck. I had it planned. Then the layover caused us to miss the flight. We had to change hotels when we got to Paris. Nothing went right. I had it ALL planned out perfectly. I had a melt down and my husband kept saying “it’s ok, it’s ok baby, we’ll just change the plan.” He doesn’t even get it. I worked for MONTHS on our plan. The whole trip was a disaster.Reference: Personality Disorder Options Social Science Psychology PSYC 280 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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