Part 1 The Family System . Examine the meanings of various systems…

Question Answered step-by-step Part 1 The Family System . Examine the meanings of various systems… Part 1 The Family System.  Examine the meanings of various systems theory concepts and apply these concepts to a series of family life situations.Directions:  Read the following description of a family and its members.  Then read the series of situations occurring within the family. For each of the below situations individually.Discuss briefly how each of the 4 family members might feelDiscuss how the situation may affect the familyDiscuss the situations using systems theory conceptsFor example, any of the situations might upset the family’s homeostasis, parental subsystem, input, etc. Focus on the direct application of systems concepts to this family and its situations.WARD: Ward, age 41, is the husband and father. He can generally be described as calm and level-headed. He makes most of the family’s decisions. Professionally, he’s an accountant, earning an upper-middle-class income.JUNE: June, age 35, is the wife and mother of the family. She can generally be described as pleasant, attractive, and warm. Although she is bright, she sometimes has difficulty asserting herself. She usually defers to Ward’s opinions and decisions. She does not work outside the home.WALTER: Walter is a pleasant, generally cooperative 16-year-old son. He has numerous friends, maintains a B+ grade average in school, and is interested in sports, especially football. He also loves cars and works on old wrecks whenever he has a chance in his free time.BEVERLY: Beverly is 8 years old, and in third grade. She can generally be described as “cute.” Although she is usually pleasant and cooperative, she has a tendency to get into minor trouble.Situations affecting familyWard loses his job. The family faces a financial crisis.The school principal calls and reports that Beverly was caught smoking in the school restroom.Walter tells the family that he wants to drop out of school to earn some money. He says he has a great offer to work at the local garage as a mechanic earning $7.50 an hour.June tells Ward that she’s having an affair with the mailman. Psychology Social Science Social Psychology HUMS 269 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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