Outsourcing Production on The Welfare of Countries Essay


Topic: What are the consequences of outsourcing production on the welfare of countries? Discuss.

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Essay Suggestions for ECO
The expectation of your other classes when writing essays may be different. For this
class, consider yourself as an expert, writing for a daily column. When writing your
essays, consider your audience as the readers of the journal and avoid technical
language or information. Do not use terms such as “Based on Hecksher-Ohlin
Theorem” etc. Do not draw graphs or use mathematical formulations. While avoiding
technical methods to prove your point, you must use scientific results and data with
your interpretation by using words rather than assuming that the facts speak for
themselves, and you must use those scientific results or data whenever you make a
statement or an argument to convince your audience. Also, reserve the use of scientific
and professional words to the key concepts of your manuscript.
Please take the following suggestions into account when writing your essay:
1. Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate. It is plagiarism to
use other writers’ words and IDEAS.
2. Please do not start your essay by writing “Yes, this is correct” or “I agree” or “I
disagree” etc. You are supposed to write an essay about the topic. It is
not about whether the statement is correct or incorrect or you are
supposed to write an “answer’ to it. It is a topic, and you are supposed
to write an essay, such as a short column in a journal, on that topic. It is
not a “yes” or “no” question that you are supposed to answer. It is a
topic on which you must elaborate, comment, agree or disagree, prove
or disprove without directly answering it.
3. Quotations should generally not be used.
4. Avoid informal language, jargon, and slang. Example: Prefer “It is likely that
…” “It may be the case …” etc. rather than “I believe” or “I think”. Prefer
“conducted a study” instead of “did a study” “examined” instead of “looked at”
“utilize” instead of “use” (where appropriate) “great deal” instead of “a lot”
“furthermore” instead of run-on sentences.
5. Be organized in your thoughts and ideas.
6. Have an introduction, body, and a conclusion.
7. Have a structure and flow in your essay. Do not let your ideas float around.
Use paragraph or sentence correctors as needed.
8. Stay on topic. Make sure you comment on every statement given in the topic.
9. Provide evidence of critical, college-level thinking and thoughtfulness in your
responses or interactions.
10. Avoid summarizing.
11. Be aware of grammar and sentence mechanics.
12. Participation alone is not enough; a thoughtful, meaningful, and respectful
approach in your posts is required.

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outsourcing production on the welfare of countries

Welfare of Countries

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