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Luz Perez
YesterdayJan 10 at 6:40am
Manage Discussion Entry
Greetings Prof. Greer and Classmates:
Part A:
Implementing a plan to manage classes is one of the best and clever steps to do go to be successful, however, is
very difficult to develop a strategy when you are an online student and especially someone like me that likes to
work under pressure. My brain for some reason that a will like to understand makes a better job when the
deadlines are close, but I have just one semester left, and I wake up at 5:00 am, start working. in my assignments
for the week. I noticed that my family was all over me on Saturday and it was overwhelming. I plan to wake up
early every day and work to complete one assignment daily. If a have to go to do errands, I will take that time to
read books concerning my torts class, this will help me to not lose time even do, I’m outside.
Part B:
Is a fact that we all want to graduate a find an amazing job, in week one we had the opportunity to explore
different jobs that are our dreams jobs, sometimes the fear of not being able to make it is the worst, but we had to
believe in our self and develop a plan or strategies that help us to success.
Best Practices for a Successful Job Search, summarize your career action plan.
1. For stating practices all the knowledge I acquired this fifth semester, I will like to start as a paralegal. I an
exceptional idea to contact the department contact career professionals at your college career services offices,
local community colleges, or research online where career information and career tests and quizzes will help to
prepare for the skills that you need to start working in that field of law.
2. I always just write all the goals, I want to pursuit.
3. Is a great deal to find a mentor that guides you through the process but, is right the success in any areas you
want to pursue is in your knowledge.
With these action plans, there is. no way that you can fail looking for a job to start acquiring experience.
Luz Perez.
Heathfield, S. M. (2019, December 17). You owe yourself a career path plan here’s how to chart your course. The
Balance Careers. Retrieved January 10, 2022, from
WC 400
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Aylon Winter
YesterdayJan 10 at 10:38pm
Manage Discussion Entry
How do I become more proficient at time management
Aylon Winter
Berkeley College
How can I be better at managing my time, what thought process goes into a person who knows great time
management techniques, a person who is well organized? Failure to plan is planning to fail, is that correct. Am I
afraid to fail, yes am I “afraid to fail”. Why is it so easy to waste time and why have I time and time again fallen
prey to procrastination, am I just lazy, or have I just not found what works for me.
I can be better at the time, management, do I need to start by prioritizing, what’s most important to me, like
school or making money. As we all know the older we get, the more added responsibility we tend to inherit.
With something such as work, life, and school, balance. doing well in school is very can be a little bit challenging,
but have no fear because success comes at a price. That price is a plan. What’s most important for me at this
current time and moment, home family success, career success, and school success. Over these past few years, I
have not been as focused or as dedicated as I would have needed to because to be of the stressors that I faced
in past situations and stressors that I am currently facing in everyday life. I did not, however, let that define my
future choice although it may have altered my immediate decisions. Failure is not an option, success is a must.,
getting good grades is an essential part of my success process, it makes the difference between getting into a
top law school or not getting the law school you and deserve.
Why is it so easy to procrastinate/waste time? Because it may cost you zero effort to do nothing.
My daily routine goes as follows, my 1st alarm goes off at 400 am and is followed by 425,440 and 450. I also have
one at 500 just in case anyone of the previous ones is not heard or missed sometimes I can be a heavy sleeper. I
usually wake up, between 430 and 450 am, get dressed in my army PT’s brush my teeth, warm up my coffee and
gather my uniform, in preparation for the day, it takes me between 10 to 20 minutes to get myself ready to leave
the house. It takes an average of 35-40 minutes to drive to work at Fort Stewart, My goal is to make it to
work/1st formation by 615. I usually leave the house between 510 and 530 am. It is rare if I leave the house before
510 and after 530 because I would be really early or really late. 515 am is a perfect time for me to start my drive.
Upon making it to work around 615 to 620 am accountability is taken, and all soldiers are accounted for this takes
place until 629 am. At 630 on the dot, the flag is raised, at this point, we salute the flag. This takes about two
minutes to complete after which we are released to our squad or platoon leaders. We start and conduct Pt which
usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Between 730 and 800 am Pt is concluded from the I
have an hour to an hour and a half to get myself breakfast, dressed in my proper uniform and ready to work at 900
am or sometimes 930 am. We work until 1115-20 at this point it’s lunchtime, which lasts until 1300 or 1 pm where
we go back to work until 1630 or 430, or sometimes 1700 or 5 pm in the afternoon. At this point work is over then
I start driving home. The drive usually averages around 40 minutes, so depending on what traffic looks like I will
make it home around 1800 or 6 pm in the afternoon. My 1st instinct when making it home is to relax after a hard
day’s work, relaxation usually takes about an hour to two hours after this I focus on my school work, so I log onto
Canvas and begin my workload for the day, I will be on or doing school-related work till 9 or 19 pm then I stop to
go to the gym eat and shower if I have the time after which I reconvene my school work. Before bed I start, my
dishes take out the trash, and try to clean as much of my apartment as I can, as well as meal prep for the next day.
my aim is to always complete all the work for the week by Tuesday or Wednesday. All other days I visit Canvas to
make sure that I am not missing any assignments and also to make sure that I go over the following week’s
How do I become more proficient at time-Management
Upon research, I was able to find 10 easy ways to manage my time. 1. Evaluate current time usage take a step
back and evaluate the amount of time I utilize in a day 2. set time limits. Set time limits and stick to it 3. list
tasks write down the things I have planned this way I can better understand what needs to be done 4. compile
related tasks find out what tasks are similar and try to complete them around a similar time frame 5. Plan your
day at this point my day is set in stone as far as the work aspect however I can alter it to add more school-related
activities, for example, any free time I may have, 6. Take care of difficult tasks first I am currently doing so
however I see all current tasks of the same difficulty level .7 get organized, I am currently working on my
organizational skills and getting better at it as time moves forward speak 8. Include a buffer in your schedule, I am
currently working on a buffer that I am comfortable with. 9. let go of perfection this might be a little bit hard for
me because I am a perfectionist by nature, however, I’ve learned to take it easy 10, commit to your plan my plan is
to become a lawyer I am committed and willing to do what is required of me to succeed According to
time management is the way you organize and your time to accomplish more things in as short of a time as
My career plan will be to attend Brooklyn Law school I would like to, one day intern with a well know and
reputable law firm, to learn more about the law, gaining insight. This way I can gain knowledge and experience,
then I would like to work at a big law firm for a few years gaining experience, this will give me the needed insight I
can use to elevate and progress in law. I am not sure where my law career will take me however I cannot wait to
see where this takes me.
Indeed editorial team (march 08 2021)
Hellsten, L.-A. M. (2012). What Do We Know About Time Management? A Review of the Literature and a
Psychometric Critique of Instruments Assessing Time Management.
Navien Allan
YesterdayJan 11 at 8:44pm
Manage Discussion Entry
Managing time is important to success, Paying special attention to my daily routine I
focus on the structure. I have a whiteboard that is categorized by day titled “Things to
do” my list starts with high priority than ends with less important tasks by date and time.
With each task labeled I have a notebook of what I completed and when to keep me on
track and if it is a task that requires proof of completion I document that specific item
with its credentials.
Planning your days ahead can create habitual actions to prepare for a career action plan.
I researched a specific webinar that was very similar to “Best Practices for a Successful
job Search” that talks about the skills employers are looking for in a pandemic. I am
currently working in the cosmetic industry and although I love it I am always looking for
room to grow and to use my degree towards my next career opportunity. My major is
political science and I am looking to work in the field of prison reform, the first step that
will bridge the other skills needed to step into that world is experience in that field.
Staying current with laws and doing researching constantly will help me when I am
applying to a job along with looking for target employers, contact and network with
people in that field.
-Navien allan (Links to an external site.)
– reference link to the webinar titled “Job Searching During the

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