NYU Should Northwestern Football Players Been Allowed to Unionize Presentation


make a ppt about the topic “Should the Northwestern football players been allowed to unionize?” of about ten minutes presentation. And it needs to be discussed or analyzed through economic ideas like Monopoly, oligopoly, etc.

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Should the Northwestern football players been allowed to unionize in 2015?
In college sports, arguably, no issue is more hotly debated than whether athletes in D1
revenue generating sports should be paid. The NCAA is a monopsony, it operates in this way
to preserve the “amateurism” of the college sports that is the bedrock of marketing D1 football
and basketball for the universities in the Power 5 Conferences. Professional sports are
organized where the team owners are management (a monopsony) and they bargain with the
players, who are organized in a players union (a monopoly). Economists model this as a
bilateral monopoly market. College sports on the other hand are organized where the NCAA
represents management (monopsony) and players are prohibited from organizing, and hence
cannot bargain over pay for play. Is the economics of this model sustainable? The Rice
report issued April 30 2018 raises this issue. For this module we will look at the example of
the Northwestern University 2015 Football team and its effort to unionize
Should college players be allowed to unionize? The
Case of Northwestern 2015
Real World Scenario:
Colter and the Northwestern football team attempted to unionize in 2015. They felt that athletes need a
voice in order to address grievances including: practicing too many hours, how injuries are handled,
compensation, off season insurance coverage, multi-year scholarships, etc. This was strongly opposed
by the Northwester president, Northwester head coach, NCAA, and other groups with a vested interest.
They argue athletes are students and not employees and thus cannot unionize. Should players be
allowed to unionize? How would player unions change the face of college athletics?
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Economic ideas


like Monopoly

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