NU Distribution of Goods and Costs Paper


What is the ‘cost disease’ identified by William Baumol and why is it important to understanding cultural economics?What are the two elements of market failure most important and applicable to the study of cultural economics and especially to how access to some sites are priced and monitored?How is the labor market for artists structured and how is it different from and similar to the market for such labor services as drivers or accountants?Copyright laws are or were designed to provide both protection and incentives to creative people and their work. How has the application of copyright laws been effected by the digital revolution in the past quarter century?Creative industries are often mention and used by municipal and regional economic development agencies as activities that will greatly aid the development efforts. How might this be so, especially in the area of creative clusters? Please discuss the impact of spillover effects in your answer.

Explanation & Answer:
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distribution of goods

technical advancement

cost of produced

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