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Topic: data centerThe assignment is only to complete Section 3 Approach (or Method) and Section 4 Results. You need to collect data, analyze and give reslts for the two parts.Objective/aimMethod/designResults/findingsConclusion/discussionKeywords

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Data centers, distributed in various geographical regions, are have processing systems that
contribute to global warming and eventually climate changes due to their significant amounts of
carbon emissions—their major supply of energy is from fossil fuel. So, there is a problem with
energy management.
1. To minimize the total cost of energy and
2. To minimize the total energy gap these data centers (distributed geographically) generate
from multiple energy resources types.
In this research, a fine-grained heterogeneous power distribution model, an online (two-stage)
algorithm was designed to leverage the supply of power by each source of energy. The
methodology involved the use of five unlike workload traces (obtained from the Wiki data
center), and each time slot was set =1hr, for the five traces, using wind energy production and
solar energy generation as the traces of renewable energy.
It was expected that simulation results would show that the proposed algorithm achieves
reasonable performance. There is also high demand of data centers as people move online hence
creating a need for choosing suitable geographies for establishing these data centers based on
ranking as shown in figure 1 (The Arcadis, 2021). As such, it triggers competition for countries
to have required components for the establishment of data centers, and they include energy and
IT infrastructure, business environment and security (Gooding & Corbineau, 2021). Figure 2
provides ranking on countries that are suitable for data center investment.
Figure 1. Location Index: Indicative ranking based on suitability for investment in data centers
Source: (The Arcadis, 2021)
Figure 2: Data center ranking
Source: Technmonitor
It can be concluded that the use of heterogeneous sources of energy reduces the cost of energy in
data centers distributed in different geographical regions due to leveraged power supply from
renewable sources by the use of online algorism. Further, it improves the efficiency of these data
centers due to the utilization of a lesser amount of energy than it would without these designed
heterogeneous models of power distribution.
Keywords: heterogeneous, data center, energy management, algorithm, energy resources,
global warming, carbon emissions.
Gooding, M., & Corbineau, G. (2021, March 2). Nordic nations dominate new data resources Tech Monitor. Retrieved March 3, 2022, from A Techmonitor Web site:
The Arcadis. (2021). The Arcadis Data Center Location Index 2021. The Arcadis. Retrieved

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