Northeastern University Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy Essay

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Journal name: Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy
Subject area: Energy (categories: Energy Engineering and Power Technology; Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment).
Publisher: Springer Verlag
H-index: 40
Quartile: Q1, Q2 for “Energy Engineering and Power Technology” category and Q1, Q2, and Q3 for “Renewable, Sustainability and the Environment” category.            
      The key words used in search for the journal are “efficiency of data center.” The journal article selected Using google Scholar about Data Canter topic is titled “Minimizing Energy Cost for Green Data Center by Exploring Heterogeneous Energy Resource,” authored by Xiaoxuan Hu, Peng Li, and Yanfei Sun. The journal was searched in the SJR search box using its Print ISSN: 2196-5625, Electronic ISSN: 2196-5420 and produced the above results.
You need to complete your abstracts (max. 250 words). Refer to the components of structured abstracts. You don’t have results or conclusions yet, but try to conjecture potential (or hypothesized) results or conclusions.


Explanation & Answer:
250 words

energy management

data centers

distributed geographically

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