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Read attachment, Based on knowledge of tariffs , international trade and the United States trade war with China

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ECN 200 Basic Principles of Economics: CREW
International Trade and Finance: Chapter 19 ( Uploaded on the Assessment link)
CREW Written Value Rubric:
This is a writing assignment that requires you to adhere to CREW habits. The chapter 19 assignment is based on
syllabus requirement for the course.
Please write a 1and half to 2 pages double spaced paper following AP style. The paper should have introduction, body,
and conclusion. You should articulate your views where policy recommendation is required based on the reading
assignment and the following statement by President Trump on trade with china.
The Rubric:
The writing rubrics is provided to guide you in your writing assignment. Please review the rubric.
President Trump view on trade with China: an extension on chapter 19.
In one of his press briefing and in many other statements, President Donald Trump has stated he is forcing China
to pay the tariffs he has imposed on their imports to United States so as to even the trading imbalance between
the two countries. This also includes other selected countries which he has imposed tariffs on their imports for
the same reason. Further he argues that the tariffs are generating billions of dollars for US economy. The assessed
value of tariffs in (January 2019) was US$13 billion. Although he is right in stating that tariffs have generated
billions of dollars for the United States, China and the other selected countries argue they aren’t paying them as
he’s suggested. Actually, the critic of his policy argue that it is the American consumers that are paying the tariffs.
Therefore, looking at Chinese government, the Chinese producers who are exporters of their products to United
State, the American Consumers who are buying the Chinese products, and the Federal government of USA: who
then is affected by this tariff issue. There must be a winner and a loser. Someone must be right in this argument.
Assignment 2: Writing your paper (1 and a half to two pages)
Writing Guidelines:
You should approach your paper based on the chapter and the above statement by the president.
Please use the following guidelines:
*Please pay close attention to the issues discussed in the chapter as it relates to international trade. There are
fundamental issues that compels countries to engage in international trade and without it they cannot function
efficiently since no country is self sufficient.
* Do protectionist policies of using tariffs benefit producers, consumers, workers, or the governments.
*What effect do they have on each if at all. What are the net costs or benefits of tariffs and quotas on consumption
and income distribution?
*What is a trade war and how can it erupt? What are the consequences of a trade war.
*If you are a policy adviser to the president what would be your recommendation and why? Hint: You can use graphs
to emphasis your analysis where applicable. The graph(s) should be clearly labeled. Base your answer from your
reading assignment on chapter 19 and the above statement from the president.
Again the written assignment has to follow the stated guidelines above. Submit the assignment using the assignment
link of the Blackboard.

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