NC Bank Consolidation Affect Business Lending Essay


Project – Research Paper and Presentation: Each student will conduct a project worthy of a graduate business student. The topic may be
anything pertaining to marketing, accounting, economics, or finance. The research paper must
be APA 7th Edition (not 6th edition), a minimum of 6 pages not including the title page, table of
contents, abstract, or reference pages. There must be an average of two (2) different citations in
each paragraph (excluding the introduction and conclusion). There must be Level 1 and Level 2
Headers. You must not cite an academic reference more than three (3) times and absolutely NO
direct quotes (everything must be paraphrased). The minimum number of academic journal
references that are less than 7-years-old is 20. Only academic journal articles that are less than
seven-years-old are acceptable as references.

Explanation & Answer:
6 Pages

Bank Consolidation Affect Business Lending

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