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For this assignment I want you to list five references (no more than two internet stand-alone web pages) in MLA style.  Under each reference write a short paragraph describing what you learned from the reference and the contribution you think this reference may make to your paper.  BE SPECIFIC, as the instructor is trying to learn about your research and thinking processes so as to help.  The instructor will look at the original documents you reference, so be sure the citation has enough information that the original can be found.  One reason for standard styles (MLA, for example) is to ensure that happens.  
From the final paper instructions:
“A list of references must appear in a Works Cited list at the end of the paper, and a reference must appear below each graphic.
Papers should have five-ten references (individual chapters of a book or articles in a single edition of a journal should count separately), with no more than three of them accessed via the Internet stand-alone Web pages (this does not apply to longer documents accessed via the Web).  Your instructor will check your references to ensure they are high quality.

Explanation & Answer:
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financial information

financial knowledge

Puerto Rican college students

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