MPJL Patient Nursing Medical Record Marital status: Married….

Question Answered step-by-step MPJL Patient Nursing Medical Record Marital status: Married…. MPJL Patient Nursing Medical RecordMarital status: Married.Employment status: RetiredPerson you live with: Husband.Person with whom she is accompanied: Daughter.Clinical DataAllergies: Penicillin.Medical history: Hypothyroidism.TreatmentEuthyrox 25mgAssessmentSize: 159cm.Weight: 65kg.BMI: 25.7.Blood pressure: 125/65 mmHg.Heart rate: 63 bpm.Oxygen saturation: 99%.The patient goes to the health center accompanied by her daughter. Upon arrival, she is greeted at the door by the caretaker who asks her to show her DNI or identification health card, tells her where to go and hands her proof of vaccination for the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech. M.P.J.L approaches the table where the nurse is, who asks for the vaccination receipt to scan the QR code.The nurse checks the patient’s data again, and enters in the app the Health Center where she is being vaccinated, the age group to which she belongs, the vaccine administered, the batch, and the chosen arm. After this step, the nurse informs you of the procedure to download the COVID certificate after the second dose and directs you to the nurse, who will administer the vaccine. The patient is seated and the vaccine is administered into the deltoid muscle of the left arm.You are instructed that you have to stay in the health center for 15 minutes after the vaccine and after this time, you can leave, if you feel well.Patient arrives home and after 2 hours of administering the vaccine he reports having headache with visual disturbances and vomiting on five occasions. She is taken to the emergency room of the Manatí Municipal Hospital.He receives medical attention from the doctor and orders Phenergan 50mgs and IV`S D/NSS 1,000ml in 6 hrs. He remains under observation by order of DR. Rodríguez who is in charge.Make a case study and a Nursing Care Plan of the patient presented in the hypothetical situation.1. You must have a nursing diagnosis in the form of PES2. Expected results aligned with the stated diagnosis.3. Four nursing interventions aligned to the expected result.4.Indicate the scientific rationale for nursing intervention.5. Evaluate the situation according to your nursing knowledge.6. Make a DAR note (Focus Charting) of the situation presented. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 480 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)