MBA 6400 WU Economic Financial Envrionment of Business Questions


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Federal Reserve Role in Addressing Financial Market Problems
Economic and Financial Environment for Business
The federal reserve supervises and regulates the other financial ensuring to promote the
customers’ safety and credit. Due to the nation’s unpredictable financial constraints, the federal
reserve analyzes the various financial-related risks that the community may experience to predict
the most appropriate method to improve financial position (Walters-Marquez). However, despite
the federal reserve’s effectiveness in addressing the nation’s financial risks, several challenges
experienced by the federal reserve make it challenging for the attainment of the main goal in the
nation. Most believe that having the federal reserve has hurt the economy for the people who
understand the federal reserve role. The effect of the regulative bodies’ failure to evaluate and
oversee the federal reserve role contributed to the devaluation of the national currency.
In the financial sector, having the right knowledge and experience regarding the practices
that may affect the related financial decision is one of the practices that may assist in decision
making. However, for the federal reserve, the leaders running it is unelected and unaccountable
bureaucrats who have minimal confirmation regarding the best practices that may help improve
financial position (Epsein, 2019). The quality of skills that most of the federal reserve
bureaucrats have is relatively low, making them more incompetent in solving the current
problems encountered in the nation’s related financial issues. Due to this, the issues that the poor
and middle-class people in the nation encounters are not addressed well compared to the
problems that the rich people encounter. The failure of the leaders and other stakeholders in the
federal reserve to address the problems encountered by the poor and middle-class people makes
it hard to attain the needed economic stability in the nation. Thus, the nation’s leaders must focus
on creating acceptable practices that may attain the needed changes.
Epstein, G. (2019). Domestic Stagflation and Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve and the
Hidden Election. Chapters, 2-56.
Walters-Marquez, J. (2019). FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. System.
Each student will prepare an argumentative financial markets research paper, developed with
appropriate evidence drawn from primary and secondary source material that demonstrates
understanding and fluency in key course topics.
The research paper topic must explore a problem, question or issue bearing on U.S. financial
markets and institutions that is historically significant or currently important. (The topic is
identified: Federal Reserve Role in Addressing Financial Market Problems, a draft is
attached separately)
To develop their topic, it is recommended that students review all course topics (The book is
Financial Markets & Institutions by Anthony Saunders and Marie Cornett. ISBN
9781260129892) prior to or at the very start of the course to develop ideas about the paper
Research draft structure (max 8 pages):
Topic working title and short description of key issue, 5 paragraphs
A completed outline for the paper
4 paragraphs minimum for each section of the paper: 4 items Intro/problem statement
Identifies solution to key issue/problem (1 page)
Generates and discusses in depth three alternate stakeholder interpretations of key issues (1
Articulates through discussion of solution a clear action or implementation plan (2 paragraphs)
Description of and/or examples of financial data used to support narrative analysis
Conclusion summarizes/synthesizes key issues, stakeholder perspectives, and
recommendation(s) (3 paragraphs)
A minimum of 10 cited research sources (excluding the textbook) relevant to the topic and from
acceptable sources (e.g., Journal of Monetary Economics; American Economic Review; Journal
of Political Economy; publication of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board;
official publications of publicly held financial institutions, etc.).
not acceptable:
-Blog sites or opinion pieces
All sources cited in body of paper
Perfect spelling, punctuation, grammar; APA where needed; concise business-style writing*
*mistakes of this nature repeated throughout the research paper could result in a greater than
10% deduction

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Economic and Financial Environment for Business

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