Investment Simulator Stock Selection & Portfolio Weight Allocation Question


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Project Instructions
Each student should select 10 stocks and invest the available $100,000 in the 10 stocks.
Part I. – 10 points – Due Wednesday January 19, 2022
Week 3
Prepare a one-paragraph description of each company. Prepare a short, 5 minutes presentation
on how you chose the selected stocks and weights (percentage of the $100,000) invested in
each stock.
Part 11 – 20 points – Due Wednesday January 19, 2022
Week 3
Calculate the expected return and standard deviation of the 10 stocks in your portfolio. Use
weekly data for the last 10 years. (January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2021) and solve for the
weekly rates of return on each security (i.e., using (Mar8 – Mar1)/Mar1. Annualize the
returns and the standard deviation and prepare for each stock a histogram showing the
distribution of returns. To convert the weekly returns and weekly standard deviations to annual
returns (mean annual returns = 52*weekly mean return) and annual standard deviations
(standard deviation of annual returns = sqrt(52)*standard deviation of weekly returns).

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