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Pick any pair of rivals (such as Samsung/Sony, Nokia/Motorola, and  Boeing/ Airbus) and explain why one outperforms the other. How would you  use this knowledge as a global leader?

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Sony, at one time, was the leader in electronic innovations. They were the largest provider of entertainment technology with millions of their products in global consumer households. Over the years, Sony had become complacent due to a lack of near competitors’ innovation and slow growth. Samsung took advantage of Sony’s complacency to overtake them as the leader in the entertainment technology industry. “It was 20 years ago that Samsung Electronics Chairmen, Lee Kun-hee, announced his intentions to move forward with a restructuring, reengineering, rejiggering of almost everything within the Korean company which was then ranked among the bottom players in its field, a second-tier manufacturer of televisions, at best” (Adamson, 2013. Samsung was initially known as a supplier, a high volume, low-quality manufacturer without a real brand name recognition. Samsung leadership spent years examining the methodology and restructuring of successful companies to identify what best practices or lessons learned would help them excel in the market. Samsung recognized the need to change business operations and corporate culture in order to excel. Samsung recognized the need to change their business model.
Samsung developed a management initiative which focused on developing new technologies,
They developed/recognized a need for a new management initiative, which focused on developing systems and focused on creating a culture focused on organizational success. This required employees to be supportive of the new company vision, systems. Also, the focus on quality improvement, hiring top talent, and pricing products aggressively helped them to gain and increase their market share. Many industry leaders can use this methodology to assist in furthering corporate growth.
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When it comes to the world of retail, I am firm believer in buying in bulk that way i don’t have to constantly I can just get what I need and move on with my day. There are 2 major warehouse chain in the US:
Costco and Sam’s Club. Both retailers are warehouse style business that require member to purchase a membership in order to shop there. They have a similar business model.. Sam’s club is owned by Walmart and Costco is independent public traded company.
Costco is seems to be doing better than Sam’s Club due to the face that they are always expanding both here in the US and Abroad with a total of 762 stores. Sam’s Club has a total of 599 store Back in 2018 Sam’s Club closed 63 of its stores leaving thousands of people with out a job. As of 2019 Costco had a revenue of $152 Billion and Sam’s Club had a revenue of $58 Billion.
From the looks of everything Costco is the clear front runner on all aspects. Both stores have their pro’s and con’s. When looking at it form a global standpoint, while Sams Club has the financial backing from Walmart they just do not have the sales that Costco does.

Bryan,Sean (2019, April 20) “Costco vs. Sam’s Club: Whats the difference?”

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