information on your policy issue, post citations. Government…

Question Answered step-by-step information on your policy issue, post citations. Government…  information on your policy issue, post citations.Government Actors: One source should be the policy itself or the proposed ordinance/bill from a government website. If there is no government source, explain. Be thorough but succinctAll Stakeholders: Find at least 2 stakeholders involved in the issue — government actors or interest groups.If the issue has intergovernmental tension (ex) marijuana legalization = state v feds; judicial v legislative), identify the actors and levels/branches of government. Bullet with specific definitions (not just ‘federal agencies’ but which departments within what agency, etc.)Is there a history to certain parts of government or particular states/localities with responsibility but current changes are being considered; where and why? Or, where does the money come from? Who has authority to do what (and how do those individuals/organizations/agencies get authority)? If the issue has non-government interest groups, note the particular perspectives of the new sources of information, if applicable (if interest groups or left/right leaning organizations) and define their positions in one bulleted phrase per interest group.Summarize the issue overall in (risk, need, urgency, etc). News stories and the above sources can inform this summary.The Room Where It Happens (processes)What processes are used by actors to get into The Room Where It Happens? Bullet the answers with citations to sources (AP, 2021; DHSS, 2020; etc).How do the variety of attempts to influence outcomes complicate the relationships among the various actors (organizations, states, cities, people, etc.)?Values & TradeoffsWhat Stone values do you see? And how are those in balance, tension and/or in conflict? (Equity, Efficiency, Welfare, Liberty, Security).Is there a difference between the values in conflict that you see compared to what the policy actors see?   Arts & Humanities Communications Public Relations PUB_AF 8170 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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