Indiana Institute of Technology Achieving Economies of Scale Questions

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Choose a company to use for this discussion. The company can be a U.S. firm, or a firm from any country that is easily researchable using Internet search engines. You may use the same company that you have used in previous discussions, or you may choose a different company.Using the web, familiarize yourself with the company (review their website as well as recent news about the company related to the company’s business operations, market share, or overall profitability).Explain the company that you have researched, and its business model (i.e. how it makes money).Describe how the company could achieve economies of scale in its business. Apply the concept specifically to your chosen company.What macroeconomic and microeconomic factors are related to the company’s ability to achieve economies of scale? In other words, what factors would increase or decrease the company’s ability to achieve economies of scale?

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Business Model

Economies of Scale

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