In Y0UR 0WN W0RDS PLEASE!! Movie: “Sideways” 1. What are the major…

Question Answered step-by-step In Y0UR 0WN W0RDS PLEASE!! Movie: “Sideways” 1. What are the major… In Y0UR 0WN W0RDS PLEASE!!Movie: “Sideways”1. What are the major underlying problems (at least f¡ve) experienced by the characters in the movie using terms/concepts found in sociology?2. Provide examples from the movie of how 0ne or more characters’ behaviors illustrates the f¡ve problems.3. Now ask yourself, “What does each character you identified NEED based on the terms/concepts based on sociology? This is part of “prescribing” at least f¡ve “remedies” using Positive Psychology terms/concepts. In other words provide a prescription of sorts, based upon sociology material/terms, etc of what the characters could do to implement positive changes in their lives. This is a lot of work, I know! It’s a super long assignment this is just part 0ne. I need major help as it’s due soon and counts as 20% of my grade! IN Y0UR 0WN W0RDS PLEASE !!N0 C0PYING STRAIGHT FR0M INTERNET PLEASE! Social Science Sociology SOCI 1101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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