I need to make some improvements to this program. Change the…

Question Answered step-by-step I need to make some improvements to this program. Change the… I need to make some improvements to this program.• Change the variable str_url so it is a user-supplied web address.• provide basic correction and validation of the input• Change the variable str_filename so it is dynamic, in keeping with the URL.• Hint: use part of the user-supplied str_url to construct a file name OR provide someother automated naming system.• Review what characters should and shouldn’t be in a file name, so you can avoidor remove those.• Add a restart feature to the program• When the above steps are complete, and the user enters ‘y’ to see raw html, theprogram should run until it gets to the ExtractPoem function. At that point, mostlikely it will fail. Reference/program base:  #! python 3from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as soup # As soup so you don’t have to keep typing BeautifulSoupimport requestsdef main(): # Set source URL where poem is located. str_url = “http://allpoetry.com/Do-Not-Go-Gentle-Into-That-Good-Night” # Set filename str_filename = “DoNotGoGentle.txt” # set filename to save contents to try: # Display status messages print(“nDownloading poem from URL: “, str_url) print(“Saving to : “, str_filename) # Get specified webpage in soup html parsed format imported_webpage = GetWebpage(str_url) # Ask user if they’d like to see the source html while True: str_input = input(“nWould you like to see the unprocessed HTML? (y/n) : “) # Get user input if str_input == “y” or str_input == “yes”: # If yes display source html /// for some reason if I use .lower, it does not work. print(“n### Displaying raw html ###”) print(“n”, imported_webpage) print(“n### End of raw html ###”) break elif str_input == “n” or str_input == “no”: # If no, then display nothing and continue on.. break else: print(“Invalid input. Please try again.”) # If no matching option detected, display error message and ask again. # Extract Poem str_poem = ExtractPoem(imported_webpage) # Export ExportFile(str_poem, str_filename) # Re-import file print(“nSave complete, re-importing file.”) str_content = ImportFile(str_filename) # Display contents of file on screen print(“nFile read into memory, displaying contents:n”) Display(str_content) except Exception as err: # generic exception handling, if something goes wrong display the error # print(“nCongratulations. You broke the time continuum. Internal errorn”) print(err)def GetWebpage(str_url): # Get web page page_html = requests.get(str_url) # Parse with BeautifulSoup’s html parser page_soup = soup(page_html.text, “html.parser”) # Return result in soup format return page_soupdef ExtractPoem(page_soup): # Locate div tag, class – ‘poem_body’ found = page_soup.find(“div”, {“class”: “poem_body”}) # This strips all the leading white space from each paragraph poem = “n”.join(line.strip() for line in found.p.text.split(“n”)) # Return parsed poem as string return poemdef ExportFile(str_content, str_filename): # Open specified file in write mode (not write – binary like the last one) export_file = open(str_filename, ‘w’) # Write contents out to file export_file.write(str_content) # Close file export_file.close() # In a more complex program I’d have it return a result such as success/faildef ImportFile(str_filename): # Open specified file in read mode import_file = open(str_filename, ‘r’) # Read contents of file in variable str_content = import_file.read() # read file contents into variable # Close file # import_file.close – not necessary to disabled return str_contentdef Display(content): # Pretty simple, display contents of file. It’s already formatted correctly print(content)# Engageif __name__ == ‘__main__’: main()    Computer Science Engineering & Technology Python Programming CIS 232 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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