I am not sure how to get started with the coding. The description…

Question Answered step-by-step I am not sure how to get started with the coding. The description… I am not sure how to get started with the coding. The description of the coding is shown below: Each function’s purpose should be summarizable in one or two sentences. A function should be fewer than 30 lines of code (or not much more than that), not counting documentation and blank lines. Each function should have a meaningful name and meaningful parameters. Each should have a docstring (using triple quotes) at minimum describing what the function does. The complete interface should be clear from the function heading and its documentation. The function certainly may define additional local variables to complete its task. The parameter list should only contain values and variables that must be shared with its caller, and no other hidden communications (such as no global variables). I have already written a data file as follows:This will ask about world capitals.What is the capital of _?What country has _ as its capital?China, BeijingFrance, ParisEgypt, CairoJapan, TokyoPeru, LimaItaly, RomeTurkey, AnkaraSpain, MadridThailand, BangkokNorway, OsloCuba, HavanaGreece, AthensNorth Korea, PyongyangSouth Korea, SeoulAustralia, CanberraImage transcription textOr alternatively, all questions could follow the same pattern and distractors would come from other answers inthe file: This will ask about world capitals. What is the capital of _? What country has _ as its capital? France,Paris Egypt, Cairo Japan, Tokyo Peru, Lima The program will read the contents of the file and the… Show more… Show more Computer Science Engineering & Technology Python Programming CMPSC 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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